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Freelance TheThings News Editor Things Publishing Group is now looking for a News Editor. We seek knowledgeable journalists/editors with in-depth knowledge of these topics to curate the best content on pop culture, Hollywood, reality TV, and celebrities for our audience.

Is it true to say that you often research your favorite celebrities? Have an insatiable appetite for KUWTK and the Housewives? Did anyone squeal with excitement at the thought of seeing their social media profile after Love Island? Have an extraordinary gift for languages? Is it correct to say that you want to combine seasonal work with regular workday mornings? You could be the perfect candidate for this job!

As Valnet’s weekday news editor, you will curate ongoing, distinctive, practical, and engaging content that our audience wants to read.

You will be responsible for selecting reliable news sources and social media, editing and promoting content assembled by our independent writing team, coming up with original writing plans, and reviewing and providing feedback on the writing team’s work. You will oversee a section of the editorial and writing teams, ensuring images are correctly and effectively projected onto the content and SEO rules are enforced according to internal writing standards.

If you’re a good fit for our extensive publishing group, apply now! Consider the actual participants when considering reality TV and Hollywood.

TheThings News Editor Freelance Application Requirements

  1. CV
  2. Cover Letter (What makes you a perfect choice for TheThings?)
  3. 2-3 samples of distributed work

TheThings News Editor Freelance responsibilities


  1. Have the ability to depict the weekend soon. Every month, Monday to Friday, the manager has to deliver 50 articles.
  2. Ability to communicate with a team of 4-8 journalists.
  3. Revise and correct linguistic structure, punctuation and spelling;
  4. Guaranteed delivery of all articles mentioned for SEO Rehearsal;
  5. Collaborate with groups creating the stages of the entire creative cycle; Suggest article topics.


  1. Celebrity news and internet entertainment levels are currently popular.
  2. Writing, copying and editing skills.
  3. SEO related information and recommended practices in the field.
  4. Actionable knowledge that can be quickly picked up.
  5. Working relentlessly to achieve goals.
  6. Excellent interpersonal skills.
  7. Ability to work hard and produce perfect work.
  8. One or more transitional situations in the past.
  9. If you’re a valuable addition to the team, we’ll start hitting you right away We are specific, alert and eager to collaborate with up-and-comers.

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