Manager Influencer Marketing Lululemon

Manager Influencer Marketing for Lululemon, an innovative gear brand for activities like yoga, jogging, fitness and other sports. By promoting the value of unique textures and practical design, we create ground-breaking products and experiences that help people move, develop, interact and excel.

Their innovation, emphasis on savings, the duty to our family and consequently the curious connections we make locally, have enriched us.

To build a better, more prosperous future, as a company we focus on positive development.

Manager Influencer Marketing Lululemon group

The North America Digital Marketing Group is focused on securing audiences and driving public growth. Incorporating a deep organization of small and full-scale powerhouses and content creators along with our internal multi-level force counting programs, this work is carried out in a core capacity—a group of influential advertisers who drive influencer activations and lobby for Lululemon acquisitions on the Network, Maker Stage and New and existing audiences at Lululemon Collective are our core competency.

Manager Influencer Marketing Lululemon life

Lululemon Career
Lululemon Career

The Influencer Marketing Manager will be responsible for creating plans to execute the most effective advertising campaigns in North America. You will manage our program events and collaborate with our international and cross-departmental partners to ensure we are seen and advanced as a top-tier robust outreach program across every social stage and channel.

Once the vision is established the channel process begins to close and Lululemon has a skilled operative to ensure progress to make the campaign a success.

By aligning against the personality of the content and impact on the client, we hope to expand the reach of our image and build our voice over time.

Become an influencer who promotes the program as a key brand and business driver, with measurable impact on reach, impressions and traffic as well as contract objectives.

Measure existing results through larger groups and initiatives, monitor execution, identify patterns, keep tabs on open doors, and plan future execution to push the team toward levels of continuous improvement.

Proactively develop, with new and existing partners, identify successful open doors and program phases.

Track industrial design dates related to new partners, methods, tools and competing schemes

Manager Influencer Marketing Capabilities

  1. 3-5 years of specialized experience managing influencer advertising programs and operations for influencer offices, agencies or retail brands.
  2. 2+ years of direct, long-term administrative staff experience working with executives.
  3. Knowledge and familiarity with established and new Internet media platforms and influential trends.
  4. Knowledge of social governance and influence tools.
  5. Ability to communicate with various internal and external resources and offices to develop goals.
  6. Experience of working for well-known organizations which hinders their own efforts.
  7. Having a history of being active in various business-related domains, setting a mindset and being concerned about important issues.
  8. Demonstrated ability to influence people.
  9. Balancing a variety of core and perceptual skills has been shown to occur when exercising explicit care.
  10. Excellent display and descriptive ability.
  11. Sweat is a passion for living—a dynamic approach to fitness, health, and existence.

Manager Influencer Marketing Lululemon requirements

Recognize that decisions are being made every moment and find a way to control their lives.

Has a forward-thinking mindset and works for continuous improvement for excellent results.

Give others the space to try and do the same by speaking honestly and thoughtfully.

Lead with determination, confident that the opportunity for significance outweighs your concern for failure.

Putting others first and seeing someone builds confidence, which encourages sociability.

This includes playing around and enjoying yourself, also known as not taking yourself too seriously.

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