Influencer Marketing Specialist Gnosis San Francisco, CA 94111

Influencer Marketing Specialist Gnosis San Francisco, CA 94111, GnosisDAO assembles decentralized framework for the Ethereum biological system. Gnosis fostered a good scope of things including Gnosis Safe (multisig and programable record), Gnosis Protocol (CowSwap), Conditional Tokens (expectation markets), Gnosis Auction, and Zodiac (standard and tooling for composable DAOs). With the Gnosis Safe and Gnosis Protocol arising, still up within the air to resolve the foremost squeezing issue on Ethereum: The consistently increasing expense of exchanges, evaluating out everything except the foremost elevated esteem exchanges.

After a symbolic consolidation with xDai, GnosisDAO is pleased to declare Gnosis Chain: An Ethereum precursor friend that tends to scaling issues through strong designing. we want Gnosis Chain to show into the 0xhome of EVM dapps who are valued out of mainnet. Ethereum wont to be brilliant and idiosyncratic, and now could be the proper time to require that personality back. ‍

Influencer Marketing Specialist Gnosis searching for

  1. Enthusiastic and profound comprehension of crypto and blockchain biological systems
  2. Understanding via web-based entertainment and also the prescribed procedures
  3. Experience in drawing in with powerhouses or assessment pioneers
  4. Understanding on web 3 powerhouse scene
  5. Equipped for building significant connections
  6. Large additionally to assuming that you simply have existing associations with powerhouses
  7. Driven and receptive working autonomously

How will you respond?

  1. Set up the powerhouse showcasing methodology
  2. Distinguish and oversee forces to be reckoned with within the crypto space
  3. Reenact and dissect information of each commitment and project to ensure the most effective ROI
  4. Propose and execute plans and projects to reinforce the brand’s portion of voice
  5. Produce imaginative missions
  6. Support other advertising correspondence drives

What we will give you

Do you actually need assets to hunt after your expert objectives? – > We got you covered with individual training and gathering spending plans;

Is there something that you simply might want to judge inside our tasks? – > you’ll be able to utilize your Friday evenings on research or on a side task in our biological system;

Our ordered progression is level, so there’s no possibility to become concerned in vertical looking hierarchical construction;

Not exactly a morning person? No problem! – > Flexible working timetables and remote work strategies are, for quite an while, a part of our way of life;

Also, don’t stress over your hardware and memberships. We’ll furnish you with the foremost recent equipment and provides all of you devices you actually want!

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