How To Find Your NOC, Job Title Code And Skill Type FOR CANADA

How To Find Your NOC, Job Title Code And Skill Type FOR CANADA! The National Classification of Occupations (NOC) is recognized as a consistent system in Canada that assigns a four-digit code and job description to each occupation that exists in the Canadian labor market.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) uses the NOC matrix to assess an immigration applicant’s work experience, otherwise specified as NOC codes. The system is one among the mechanisms that facilitate the method of finding skilled and qualified professionals to fill jobs in Canada.

To immigrate and find work in Canada, you initially must find your NOC code, which should be included in your instrument application or together with your work experience after you apply for a job. This step is important before applying for a job in Canada, as there are economic immigration streams that are limited to applicants with work experience identified by a selected NOC code.

As an applicant who wants to work in Canada, you wish to know the importance of how NOC codes work.

How to find your NOC code:

To find your NOC code, you’ll be able to search the NOC matrix by industry or keyword, like your job title. If your occupation matches a selected NOC code and a NOC code listed as exclusions, you can not claim that occupation. you need to submit proof that the code you’re claiming is correct.

This can be done by providing reference letters from your former employers. Ideally, for credibility reasons, it’s recommended that you just provide a letter of reference from each of your previous employers.

While looking for the NOC code, you want to ensure the most statement of the code you choose matches your job description. With this, you want to be able to perform or perform all the duties listed under the desired code. supported the information, you’ll determine the one that most closely fits your experience.

Since the visa officer reviewing your application is trained in the NOC matrix, he’s qualified to determine whether your occupations align with the NOC code you have got chosen or if it meets the factors of another.

As one of the most important parts of your Canadian immigration application, no matter the visa program you’re applying for, remember that choosing the correct NOC code can make or break your application.

As the visa officer reviewing your application won’t ask you for clarification about your code, you need to make sure that it matches your work experience and may be proven by submitting the proper documentation.

Please note: When choosing the NOC code, your job title and education are irrelevant. Your work experience must match the most statement and you want to perform most of the duties and responsibilities listed. As a result, your work experience could also be included in several different NOC codes. Also, your job title could seem related to a code that does not match your experience.

The type and skill level of the NOC

For the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system, jobs are classified and grouped supported the type of duties and tasks a person performs.

To immigrate, the most job groups include:

Find your NOC type/skill level

  • Step 1: Enter the job title on the NOC website under the “Job Title” tab. Click here
  • Step 2: Enter the numeric code (the 4-digit code within the Unit Group column)
  • Step 3: Enter NOC Title (Detailed Occupation Column)
  • Step 4: Enter the NOC qualification level or type (Qualification Level column)
  • Step 5: On the NOC website, click on the “Search by NOC Code” tab and seek for the NOC title or code number.

List of Job Titles for NOC 6552

  • Adjustment clerk
  • Accounts information clerk
  • Bill complaints investigator
  • Telephone enquiries clerk
  • Tourist booth attendant
  • Tourist information clerk
  • Tourist information office attendant
  • Tourist information officer
  • Client service clerk
  • Compensation agent
  • Complaints adjuster
  • Counter enquiries clerk
  • Courtesy desk clerk
  • Customer relations clerk
  • Customer service adviser
  • Customer service agent
  • Enquiries clerk
  • Hospital information clerk
  • Information clerk – customer service
  • Kiosk information clerk
  • Lost claims clerk
  • Lost or damaged goods claim clerk
  • Lost-and-found clerk
  • Lost-and-found desk clerk
  • Maintenance service clerk
  • Merchandise exchange clerk
  • Bus information clerk
  • Customer service clerk
  • Bus schedule information clerk
  • Bus service information clerk
  • Order clerk – customer services
  • Order desk agent
  • Price information clerk
  • Public relations clerk
  • Road transport terminal attendant
  • Route supply and return clerk
  • Service adviser
  • Service advisor – auto repair
  • Service consultant – auto repair
  • Service writer – auto repair
  • Supply and return clerk
  • Customer service assistant
  • Express and freight information clerk
  • Customer satisfaction representative
  • Department store information clerk
  • Complaints clerk – customer service
  • Complaints clerk – telephone system
  • Complaints specialist – customer service
  • Contact center agent – customer service
  • Automobile dealerships service representative
  • Call center agent – customer service
  • Customer service representative – call center
  • Customer information service representative – retail
  • Customer information service clerk – insurance
  • Business office telecommunications service representative
  • Hotel information clerk – contact center
  • Customer service operator – telephone system
  • Customer service monitor – telephone system
  • Customer service representative – insurance
  • Inbound customer service representative – contact center
  • Outbound customer service representative – contact center


Before applying for a job in Canada you must have to know your NOC code. So read our full article before applying for a job.

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