HOUSEKEEPER Job At PANGEA POD HOTEL. Pangea, a stimulating new pod hotel within the core of Whistler’s pedestrian Village, is looking for full-time, parttime and easygoing hours Housekeepers who can make us shimmer – both in an exceedingly real sense and figuratively.

You’ll be at the core of what we do, maintaining with the simplest expectations of cleanliness and neatness for the duration of the property. On account of your eye for detail, Pangea Pod hotel will procure and keep an immaculate standing, and Pangea’s visitors are motivated to go away shining audits about their experience remaining in Canada’s most memorable case lodging.

As Housekeeper, you will be somebody who invests heavily in your work, never yielding until the gig is endlessly finished (to the simplest quality). you will be productive and careful, so our pod are constantly left flawless, and you will be fit and persuaded, with the capacity to twist, lift, stand and move persistently for the duration of your shift. Generally, you will be a “ninja” of the pod world – adaptable, subtle and deliberate, with the goal that our cases seem like they’ve never been utilized.

Most importantly, you’ll partake in our vision of progress for the Pangea project, effectively contributing thoughts and making upgrades that shape our future and understand our aspirations for dynamic development.


The sign to our ethos is in our name. to figure at Pangea is to be at the focus of a worldwide local area of voyagers – where individuals from all finishes of the planet and ranging backgrounds accumulate to measure it up. Our point is to be the figurative blend of Whistler – where our visitors can unwind and associate over an espresso, specialty brew or inebriant, trading tips from the slants and sharing accounts of their experiences.


here’s nothing conventional about our lodging (truth be told it’s really remarkable), so how could our work space be? Our representatives are speculated to have an excellent time similarly as endeavor, to urge to understand our visitors rather than simply serve them, and to partake in every day at the lodging. We believe they must savor the difficulties that come their direction and take individual fulfillment from their accomplishments.

We effectively urge our workers to utilize their drive, be innovative, and rock the boat – within the event that there is something Pangea could do in our own way to accomplish its objectives all the quicker or actually, we believe that our representatives should do or express something about it. We anticipate that they must, not set in stone, and able to contribute.

Consequently we provide genuine chances to advance at one in every of the foremost thrilling neighborliness projects in Canada (in one in every of the foremost renowned mountain resorts on earth).


Center to the work of Housekeeper is keeping our resting cases, washrooms and any remaining public spaces totally unblemished. You’ll likewise should be proficient, stick with legitimate twist/lift/OHC guidelines, and be glad to require on any housekeeping-related obligations allocated to you round the property.

WHAT we provide.

  • Top-of-the-market pay, beginning at $25/hr
  • Wellbeing and dental advantages after introductory period
  • LMIA application and future PR sponsorship (for the those who need it)
  • Staff lodging in Alpine
  • Adaptable timetables (since you’re here to understand Whistler as well)
  • Extraordinary workplace
  • A lot of space to develop with the organization


  • Past housekeeping experience a resource, yet all directly not fundamental
  • Should be actually dynamic, with the capacity to lift up to 10 kg
  • Should have a pointy eye for detail
  • Adaptable

Apply here: [email protected]

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