Gaming Image Content Creator Valnet Freelance

Gaming image content creator Valenet Freelance strives to create a dedicated remote original image content to create colorful and arresting images to highlight the original images of our articles.

We are looking for original content creators who enjoy gaming!

Gaming Image Content Creator Abilities

  1. Proficient in Illustrator or Photoshop.
  2. Adept at combining pictures, fan art, and images.
  3. Change the image.
  4. Information about gaming culture and prominent games.

Gaming Image Content Creator responsibilities

Valnet Freelance

  1. Each week, create 50 photographs for featured content.
  2. Our articles include photographs highlighted or posted on social media
  3. View image sources online.
  4. Please follow strict copyright deadlines.
  5. Collaboration with our online entertainment department.

Application Requirements

  1. Introductory Letter
  2. CV
  3. Connection to a portfolio

Do you believe you have special qualifications for our team? Does our online entertainment team possess the necessary skills to make a significant and beneficial entrance? If yes, don’t miss the chance to join our team and become important by submitting an application to Valnet Freelance right away.

Only applicants with sizable portfolios are taken into consideration.

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