Gaming Freelance Training Editor

Gaming freelance training editor to offer publishing advice to new and independent writers, we are looking for a reliable remote freelance training editor.

Is it fair to say that you are simply a game enthusiast who is committed to keeping up with the latest information and releases in the field? Could it be that you’re just an integrated editorial manager with an understanding and familiarity with practical tools like Asana to educate and support new journalists?

If so, you had a good fit at that time.

In your capacity as Contract Training Editor you will be responsible for leading and helping our newly hired freelance writers become vibrant members of our community.

Gaming Freelance Training Editor Work Responsibilities

  1. Edit articles to ensure new writers adhere to composition and detailed design (text, joins and photos) requirements.
  2. Work closely with the recruiting team to ensure the efficient development of new writers.
  3. Be receptive to the latest news in mainstream society; Chat with freelance writers and offer your perspective.
  4. Flexible 25-hour work week schedule.

Gaming Freelance Training Editor Application Requirements

  1. Introductory Letter.
  2. C.V.

In addition to being highly motivated, applicants should possess the following qualities:

Significant compositional and modifier involvement.

Information such as television, movies and video games are widely used in modern life.

A proven framework using applications like WordPress, Slack, Asana and other tools for categorization.

Recruiting staff will contact you as soon as possible if we expect you to significantly increase the group. Only applicants with a significant written test will be considered.

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