Email Marketing Specialist And Apprenticeship jobs Austin, TX

Looking for a proactive, vibrant and lively email marketing specialist + beginner (entry-level) EBQ. Join our rapidly expanding team to execute critical and strategic email campaigns by integrating tools such as departmental organization, computerization, follow-up and research to drive data-driven decisions to improve client email campaigns. Help us solve client business needs to improve efficient, adaptable, and long-term customer acquisition.

EBQ places a high priority on preparing for the future, which is why we worked with new apprentices to find the best candidates for the position. Despite the responsibilities listed below, the hired email marketing professional is going to complete the apprenticeship year.

Job Responsibilities for an Email Marketing Specialist + Apprentice

  1. Use tools like segmentation, automation, follow-up and testing to make data-driven decisions for your email campaigns.
  2. Research on account setup and client needs
  3. Use a system that is easy to use, efficient and productive to solve problems.
  4. Self-supervised monitoring of project timelines and requirements
  5. Attend scheduled meetings on time.
  6. Answer customer inquiries with lightning-fast speed and brevity
  7. Create and use social information models (information augmentation, extension of shared information, communication models with communication creators)
  8. Data quality assessment
  9. Use Content Builder to create complex email computerizations.
  10. Automate your processes using Automation Studio
  11. Report the following details sent by email
  12. Investigate and solve simple problems
  13. Plan and stay on course from the board and consistently achieve or exceed the monthly goal(s) set by your boss
  14. Maintain organization systems and standards.
  15. Deal effectively with clients’ EBQ while working in an environment that values collaboration.
  16. Perform various duties as an exile

Work efficiency

Certified Ad Cloud Email Expert

  1. Self-starter with excellent verbal and written communication skills who is highly driven
  2. Administration and continuous information on advanced promotions
  3. Passionate about learning about Marketing Cloud
  4. Details about Center Marketing Cloud products (Email Studio, Journey Builder, Automation Studio, and Phone Builder)
  5. Knowledge of HTML and CSS required
  6. Data required by SQL, such as join statements
  7. Details on how to delete contacts
  8. Details about executive members

Why Choose EBQ?

  1. Base salary range: $50,000-$52,200
  2. Cutthroat Manage your time well.
  3. Plans for medical, dental, and vision care
  4. Telecommuting is encouraged.

Why be an apprentice?

You will start the program as a practitioner with ten or more core teammates and complete it in one year. Plus, you can get support from industry-leading mentors and coaches as you progress through your portfolio projects, and develop your own actionable objectives and skill guides to showcase new knowledge and talents.

In addition to your interest in ongoing preparation and improvement, to working with a variety of students for your specialist and specialized skills, you will soon be able to boast achievements such as advanced certifications to support your skills, module portfolio projects and individual portfolio projects.

The best part is that you actively participate in your peer group, push ideas, take responsibility and enjoy how you can personalize the apprenticeship experience while using what you learn on a weekly basis in your new position.

To Apply:

If you are a licensed applicant, you will receive a call inviting you to apply, complete a quick initiative, and attend an interview with NEW. If you think you would be the perfect starter then you can talk to the hiring manager. Learn about the apprenticeship programs they offer on site.

About EBQ


For companies in the software, hardware and cloud innovation sectors, EBQ company offers recycling discounts and advertising services. To fill gaps or accelerate deal efforts, they offer specialized groups for each stage of the deal cycle. Each group is fully supervised, organized and equipped with pipelines and strategies used to grow revenue.

About NEW Apprenticeship

Their main objective is to work together with managers to transform lives by breaking down any barriers that exist between teaching institutions and the knowledge that only experience can provide. We test this with a one-year apprenticeship that enables you to spend some weekends and evenings working all day preparing with business experts. Based in New York City, Texas, it collaborates virtually with Open Ventures in Austin, Texas.

Work Types: Full-time, Contract

Pay: $50,000.00 – $52,200.00 annually


  1. Dental protection
  2. Scope of treatment
  3. Take care of your time
  4. Vision protection

Plan: 8 hour shift
Work Location: One area

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