eComm Marketing Associate, eGrocery PepsiCo

Entrepreneurial pioneers research the online market and face a lack of ability to influence and buy new talent. eComm Marketing Associate, eGrocery, and PepsiCo’s E-Commerce Group Advertiser. We are a technology-driven, independent cluster developer for online transactions with partners like Walmart, Amazon, and Instacart.

There are many things you can try at PepsiCo E-Commerce Group, such as updating classic brands for the digital age and supporting and managing omni-channel display plans for complete lines of snacks and beverages. Your willpower, ambition and analytical reasoning will make your ideas come true.

PepsiCo, which has more than 250 partners and offices in Manhattan, Chicago, Plano and Silicon Valley, is fully committed to satisfying customer needs and dominating the market. With $3 billion in retail transactions expected in the remaining months of this year, increasing efficiency and effectiveness in e-commerce accounts for the deployment of resources and a large portion of that employment.

We are looking for an eCom Marketing Associate to support and manage promotional strategies with eGrocery clients that align with the company’s core goals and display strategies for each specialty unit. Leads cross-functional initiatives with sales, purchasing and finance departments to drive real success while serving as a thought leader for PepsiCo’s key employees in retail and online.

eComm Marketing Associate, eGrocery PepsiCo

What a PepsiCo Marketing Associate does:


Work with buyer marketing and sales to demonstrate strategies for driving change and growth in our national eGrocery business, helping executives achieve contract objectives and creating a generally beneficial association in eGrocery.

Assist in execution of media campaigns and showcase programs.

Monitor KPIs to evaluate the effectiveness of e-commerce showcases and promote interactions.

Follow and manage spend plans developed by business units and execute strategies with omni channel partners (buyer marketing and prospecting).

Join forces with the Shopper Marketing team to manage omni-channel funding and programming.

Work with ecom finance groups to establish annual financial plans, cross charges, invoicing, PO generation and supervising executives.

Build connections with retail media outlets and suppliers (such as Kroger Precision Marketing) to share critical information (files, UPCs, Crusade Precision, and more).

Collaborate with Information Science team to support and improve e-commerce execution computerization tools.

Screen and renew the positioning of each of PepsiCo’s brands in collaboration with the ecom content group.

It’s possible that a coronavirus vaccine is needed for this task. Note that each of these entity’s antibody requirements provides an opportunity to request a supported benefit or exception to the applicable rule, provided it is not too onerous.

eComm Marketing Associate, eGrocery Capabilities/Requirements

A minimum of 1-3 years of experience in event turnaround and promotion engagement, which has helped execute complex advertising initiatives and media strategies.

Working knowledge of advertising campaigns across multiple channels, as well as experience with them (display, search, email, social, mobile).

Strong budget management skills and ability to control board power within the organization

Online business and trend advertising refers to the application of strategies to influence change in attitude toward customer attention.

Rigorous scientific ability with proven ability to understand data and drive support and development of business KPIs.

Excellent critical thinking skills with a history of tracking effective solutions to challenging problems, especially in tight environments with little data and limited time.

Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to lead and influence cross-functional teams, key partners and external partners.

We understand that culture should be the source of inspiration for everything we do at PepsiCo eCommerce. We are efficient, innovative and fearless in how we do our business. We strongly believe that our team is constantly looking for more effective ways to reward, delight and delight everyone in the world.

So, if you want to solve real problems in a business with lots of room for adjustment, PepsiCo wants you.

Migration Eligible: Not Eligible for Relocation
Work Type: Regular

All qualified candidates will be considered equally for the position, regardless of their race, ethnicity, country of birth, protected veteran status or level of disability.

As long as they meet the requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Sections 4901 through 4919 of the Metropolis Police Code, often referred to as, but not limited to, the San Francisco Opportunity, our company will take qualified applicants with criminal records. Accounts under Article XVII. 9, line 1, and Ord. A municipal code is often cited because of the possibility of assigning an ordinance.

If that’s not too much trouble, if you want more information about your EEO freedoms as a candidate under the law, you can download the accessible EEO That Law and EEO That Law Supplement archives. See PepsiCo’s EEO Policy.

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