Digital PR Associate And Apprentice

Search Laboratory needs a Digital PR Associate. To achieve optimal results, as a PR executive you can improve PR and third-party referencing activities, media and energy planning, and content sales. To get results, your job involves building relationships with columnists, distributors and powerhouses, creating media records and pitching stories to the media. You can work with many clients, maintain your thoughts and your results from your investigations. More copy editing has been implemented.

Research laboratories require training and preparation, so we partnered with new interns to find the best candidates for the position. Despite the responsibilities outlined below, employed digital PR associates are said to have completed a year-long apprenticeship.

Digital PR Associate And Apprentice Work Responsibilities

  1. Provide official commentary and content strategy to public, regional and exchange columnists who cover a wide range of B2C and B2B markets.
  2. Combine strong relationships with influential columnists and powerhouses to get results.
  3. Set aside open doors for missions, stories and outside references to stay on top of the media scene.
  4. Assist in conceptualizing and directing PR missions and leadership development initiatives to achieve client KPIs.
  5. Create a solid media presence for promotions and contact suppliers and influencers.
  6. Include screen media and communicate results to large audiences and clients.
  7. Implement other link-building strategies, such as updating the user experience, increasing relevance to existing brands, replicating competitor backlinks, and more.
  8. Headquartered in the United States, information is chosen for the evidence crowd.

Digital PR Associate And Apprentice Work Qualifications

  1. Strong PR/Digital PR Knowledge—A Case Study of Work-Related Insights Gained While Taking a Correspondence Course
  2. Advertising, newscasting, public relations and Internet PR are recommended but not required.
  3. Familiarity with written and spoken English language.
  4. Strong communication and presentation skills.
  5. A person who can work with others to solve problems.
  6. Excellent interpersonal and relationship management skills.
  7. Strategy focuses on results.

Why pick Search Laboratory?

Yearly Base salary range: $40,000-$50,000

Join an extremely diverse community of easy-going, incredibly friendly digital media enthusiasts.
Clinic safety

Common Desk, a shared workspace with various facilities, comes with a private office.
Prepare for the event.

Why did you become an apprentice?

As an associate, you will start the program with a group of about 10 students and finish it in one year. You will also receive support from renowned industry mentors and coaches as you progress towards your personal and professional goals, as well as training on developing and demonstrating your skills through application programs with your portfolio projects.

Alongside these achievements, you will work with a range of students to participate in ongoing preparation and development based on your specialist and specialist skills, gain Advanced Certificates in your area of expertise and complete module portfolio projects and individual portfolio projects.

The best part is that you actively participate in your peer group, promote innovative thinking, take responsibility, and make choices about how to personalize your apprenticeship experience while putting what you learn into practice each week. time commitment

To apply

In the unlikely event that you receive a license to compete, you will be contacted to submit an application, complete a short commitment and attend an interview with NEW. If you think you’d make a great intern, you can schedule a meeting with the hiring manager. Visit their website to learn more about the apprenticeship program.

About Search Laboratory

A multi-award winning advanced advertising agency, Search Laboratory has offices in Texas, UK and New York. We collaborate with customers worldwide, helping to grow brands worldwide by creating efficient integrated computerized strategies.


About NEW Apprenticeship

By removing any boundaries between what schools teach and what someone without experience can contribute, our primary goal is to work with companies to impact lives. We do this through a one-year apprenticeship that enables you to study with professionals in a variety of educational programs on some weekends and all your evenings. New, a San Antonio, Texas-based company, collaborates with government agencies there as well as remotely.

Work Types: Full-time, Contract

Pay: $40,000.00 – $50,000.00 annually

Benefits: Medical coverage

Plan: 8 hour shift

Work Location: One area

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