Digital Marketing Specialist At Ascedia

Ascedia seeking digital marketing specialist who are an expert in digital advertising to fill a first position that is both dynamic and representative. Acedia is the best place for you if what you are looking for is an opportunity to own an influence, open doors and start developing your voice and thinking.

As a digital marketing specialist you will have the opportunity to interact with and take action on an exclusive list of recent clients. You can play a key role in our marketing team by organizing, implementing and upgrading digital advertising campaigns while providing top notch customer service. While advancing your knowledge, you can employ various sophisticated presentation techniques.

At Ascedia, we emphasize impact, strategy and purpose. Although flexible, our approach is determined by strategy, group effort and approval. We are results-driven and dedicated to achieving successful business outcomes for our clients.


  1. Investment account for wellness
  2. Medical insurance
  3. Time to celebrate dental health
  4. eye protection
  5. Compensation guidelines to confirm

Salary Range: The estimated salary range for Remote Advanced Advertiser is $47K to $59.6K annually.

Declare any off-base payments.

Digital Marketing Specialist At Ascedia


Important responsibility

  1. Establish activity steps and robust procedures that align with customer objectives and formats to produce results.
  2. Actively seize development opportunities, promote your plans to clients.
  3. Manage daily strategies for various advanced promotional initiatives, such as sponsored promotions, organic search, proximity optimization, content production, email marketing, etc.
  4. Write effective performance summaries that provide relevant information, facts and suggestions.
  5. Be an excellent partner and advocate for our clients’ organizations.


There is no “right mix” of engagements for this post, but the best up-and-comers will be selected, and issues will be considered with little regard to the foundation. 2+ extended stretch with digital promotion.

Capability without a pair of computerized showcasing disciplines: Search as show marketing, site improvement, content production and methods, email campaigns and other significant supporting activities (advertising robotization, etc.).

Knowledge of other analytics and publishing frameworks, such as Google Analytics,

A high level of self-motivation, respect and independence

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