Digital Marketing Assistant At Cooley LLP

Cooley LLP requires a Digital Marketing Assistant to support the Marketing and Business Development department.

Job Summary: The Digital Marketing Assistant will support the Marketing Office’s efforts in site enhancement, email campaigns, testing, Search Engine optimization (“SEO”) and other advanced display related initiatives under the direction of the Associate Director of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Assistant At Cooley LLP

  1. Assist Advanced marketing Company with planning and acquisition of other serious projects.
  2. Create and update accounting sheets for email commitment testing.
  3. Website content is subject to change.
  4. Give an introduction to the biography of a lawyer.
  5. Through the website’s content administration framework, create customer profiles and change consent.
  6. Collect information from a variety of sources, such as competition SEO, inbound links, social media, and DEI testing.
  7. Swing a web tool to check a site for updates
  8. Help clear the list

Digital Marketing Assistant Abilities and experience

Cooley LLP


Coursework or bonus points for performance data from Cooley LLP, such as testing, site optimization and SEO


  1. 4 years of certification
  2. More information and benefits for advanced promotion points
  3. Creating useful content using HTML, SEO, testing and intuitive programming


  1. Motivated, self-starter, and incredibly energetic
  2. Ability to communicate well both orally and in writing as a hard copy
  3. Outstanding investigative and critical thinking skills
  4. Superior client management skills
  5. Following instructions requires a high level of accuracy and attention to detail
  6. Ability to communicate effectively and meaningfully with people at all levels, both inside and outside the company; Strong written and verbal communication skills
  7. Ability to work within a cooperative society and be a cooperative person
  8. Excellent sequencing and time management skills; Ability to focus and work on multiple projects and requests simultaneously, providing a solution-focused approach. Ability to accommodate diverse demands while working in a very fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.
  9. Being able to maintain privacy
  10. Cooley offers a generous salary and incredible benefits.

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