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Is it true that running an offline digital advertising campaign can help you advance your career? Is it right that you are looking for a new challenge in a high dynamic industry? It is a very interesting and creative time here.

Digital Ad Campaign Manager at OUR TRUE NORTH

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In Denver, Colorado, Outside Integrated Media’s digital Advertising Task Group, publisher of Outside the Door magazine and, is seeking ideal candidates to join. This role is crucial to the success of the outdoor computerized propaganda campaign, which aims to bring an efficient and precise conclusion to the crusade. This requires strong collaboration with outside outreach organizations and official communication with our clients. Running sophisticated lobbies, monitoring and supporting insertion orders, reporting and resolving discrepancies are just some of the daily tasks for our clients.

Basic commitments include

  1. Outsiders and administrators run sophisticated publicity campaigns.
  2. Checks and accepts Terms & Conditions and Institutional Insertion Orders (IOs) (T&Cs).
  3. Monitor, identify and resolve any inconsistencies between client T&Cs, undo strategies and crusade proposals and IOs.
  4. As a resource for initial promotional work for customers, give them information and schedule of advertising activities and post-contract activities.
  5. By offering the highest standards of customer service and developing procedures to handle problems as they arise, you can meet and exceed your clients’ expectations.
  6. Deliver the right advertising and publishing projects to the appropriate internal groups.
  7. Collect, investigate, monitor and track innovative materials and close promotional dealing groups
  8. There are guaranteed niche publication submission opportunities including but not limited to local and article sponsorships.
  9. Placement and exclusion of outside online advances on an individual basis
  10. In various workplaces, speak up for clients’ needs and problems.
  11. Provide flag campaign benchmarking data and information to support campaign execution research.

Must have a strong understanding of external computerized item contribution and ability to quickly pick items.

Be prepared to accommodate your own work methods while collaborating with internal teams on specific plans, campaign requirements, goals and tasks.

Must have a strong commitment to providing excellent customer service and the ability to build relationships with customers, retailers and employees out the door.

Ability to grow and advance in a general advancement-oriented environment depends on excellent written and verbal communication skills, as well as interpersonal, relational, and motivational skills.

In addition to working with the customer’s needs, it is important to preserve a strong sense of comfort and trust.
Strong PC education is required, but proficiency with Mac frameworks is clearly desired.

Must be very familiar with Google Docs and Microsoft Office suite, especially Excel.

Experience with Google Analytics and Google Ad Manager is strongly recommended; Equivalent products require minimal involvement.

The minimum requirement is a four-year college degree in digital marketing or a closely related field.

Two years of experience is preferred, but one year of involvement with computerized campaigns in executive and campaign activities is expected.

One or more former leather trade professionals preferred but not yet required.

Before engaging in direct discussions with clients, practical experience is essential.

We can’t give Visa Sponsorship for Digital Ad Campaign Manager

Isolation Area in Colorado: Salary should range from $56,000 to $70,000. A commission or bequest may be considered an additional expense. Benefits include medical care, eye care, dental care, vacation time, flexible scheduling, sick leave and more. This salary range should only be modified taking into account the geographic location of the trainer and the candidate, market knowledge and trends, the candidate’s background, credentials and past relevant experience, as well as other factors.

Please read:

It is clear that some people or companies who identify as outside agents often advertise false recruitment offers.


  1. Reach out to competitors or submit job bids via text or free email services such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc.
  2. Demand any installment payment from prospective bidders for work or any expenses.
  3. Anyone who agrees to participate in exchange for money or other benefits is not externally sponsored and is not given access to sponsored work opportunities.
  4. Retains the necessary authority to initiate legal proceedings against such external persons or entities, including criminal activities.

If you receive any unauthorized, suspicious, or false offer or interview calls, texts or messages, please send us an email to HR on the Outside Inc. website.

Work Type: Full-time

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