Data Entry Clerk Jobs BistroUX Richmond, VA

Data Entry Clerk Careers BistroUX VA Richmond needs a dedicated Data Entry Clerk to join our team. As a Data Entry Clerk you will be responsible for accurate data entry into our data sets. The strongest candidate is computer literate, fast typist and meticulous. An information supervisor or other senior information colleague may request a response from you. Standards are crucial for data privacy. To monitor information and maintain coordination, you can exercise control.

Data Entry Clerk Jobs BistroUX Obligations


  1. Add additional information to the database.
  2. Preparation and maintenance of calculation sheets
  3. Maintain data integrity by performing comparative checks on different sources
  4. Update data base framework records regularly.
  5. Generate reports
  6. Get the required data
  7. Conduct general assurance and security awareness training programs
  8. Archive, collect, and protect important documents.

Data Entry Clerk Jobs BistroUX Richmond, VA Necessities:

  1. (x) Information Department Agent work experience
  2. Ability to write fluently
  3. Amazing description of reliable management resources and data sets
  4. Participation with sheet calculations for two years (MS Office Word, Excel and next.).
  5. Extreme discretion
  6. Take ownership and pride in your contribution and impact
  7. on the effectiveness of the organization
  8. Basic students
  9. associate
  10. Excellent time management skills
  11. Outstanding interpersonal and relationship skills

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