Content Marketing Associate Recruiting From Scratch

Hiring From Scratch, Listing From Scratch: Content Marketing Associate We’re looking for a Content Organizer to join our team. The Content Marketing Coordinator will collaborate with our showcasing specialist to develop and manage a technical social media plan that matches our firm’s goals, including reaching diverse audiences and developing ways to attract candidates and clients.

This position will be critical to ensuring our content gets noticed and generates traffic and jobĀ Recruiting from Scratch.

Content Marketing Associate Recruiting From Scratch Obligations


  1. Develop and manage a technical social media strategy
  2. Provide a detailed breakdown of days of monitoring, follow-up and social media channel exposure.
  3. Describe three social media options associated with your marketing initiative.
  4. Without blog entries for seven days
  5. You will effectively set up promotional content across various media (social, email, blog).
  6. Similarity of insurance brand recognition and visual personality
  7. Watch the clock to make sure all content has reached its deadline.

Your experience:

  1. BA degree, or, alternatively, B.S
  2. 1-2 years in content creation, website design or marketing
  3. Proficiency in social media campaign management and content planning with Canva, Adobe Suite or Figma
  4. Prior experience with Webflow or similar platforms
  5. Solid maturity and interpersonal skills

The starting hourly rate for this position is $15 to $25, depending on experience.

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