Communications and Social Media Coordinator At Ubisoft

Ubisoft is one of the top producers, sellers and distributors of video games and intuitive applications worldwide. The Communications and Social Media Coordinator works there. Many well-known international businesses are represented, including Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon, Just Dance, Far Cry, Watch Dogs and Rainbow Six.

The teams at Ubisoft are dedicated to delivering unique and spectacular gaming experiences to gamers on every popular platform, including consoles, mobile devices, tablets and computers. They are supported by an extensive structure of studio and promotional assistants.

Communications and Social Media Coordinator At Ubisoft Responsibilities

At Ubisoft, You may write and maintain communications within and outside the studio in your capacity as Communications and Social Media Coordinator. Develop and implement the studio’s corporate social media system in line with our HR and communications objectives and accomplish this through content creation through quantitative analysis of our results. You can contribute to establishing the studio’s reputation as a welcoming, inclusive place that appeals to potential employees, develops our team and attracts gamers.


Your overall task will be:

Work with RSE studio efforts to promote efficient internal communications to keep staff members well informed of studio and corporate news.

Address the studio and engage in essential conversations with the global communications team at our Paris headquarters.
To engage people inside and outside RSE, provide engaging content.

Work with the UBI Interchange Group to achieve critical demands such as societal, process, business and executive change efforts.

RSE and UBI-driven, PR, HR, Creation and Advertising groups critique weekly and monthly news production.

For the public, platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn operate results-driven social media systems at various levels.

Plan and schedule fun draws on all social media platforms on a weekly or lucky monthly schedule.

Analyze social media missions, analyze and report monthly data, and post-performance

Contribute to the creation and editing of textual, visual and photographic material.

Maintain the Red Storm brand tone and voice it adheres to across numerous social media channels.

Search art galleries and explore social media platforms

Contact customers, answer messages about online media and edit Red Storm user groups on social media

Create annual guidelines.

Setting and monitoring arbitrary and measurable goals for participation, social motivation, and enjoyment of our team/game.

Creating UBI-driven news that is evaluated weekly or monthly by HR, creative and advertising departments.

Work on site and in teams in a very collaborative effort.

Work with PR and other departments to deliver and respond to information as quickly and accurately as possible. Help manage the organization’s response to crises and emerging challenges.

Organize studio events, coordination and SM/web content events with your support.

Communications and Social Media Coordinator At Ubisoft Capabilities

  1. In-depth academic degree with an emphasis on communications, journalism and social media.
  2. 1-2 years of proven experience in web-based entertainment promotion through communications.
  3. Examples of Client profiles or examples of previous work.
  4. Visual communication experience.
  5. A passion for virtual entertainment, as well as the possibilities of amazing SM Stage and SM Board gadgets.
  6. Device for video and photo editing, advanced media setup and HTML capabilities.
  7. Exceptional social awareness, oral and written communication skills and creative course ability.
  8. Ability to establish long-lasting, current and future trends in social media and digital content, particularly in the gaming industry.
  9. Recognize new trends and strategies to engage in social media with knowledge of trends and be able to make recommendations to established targets.
  10. Familiarity with KPI-driven social media strategies
  11. Content including WordPress skills, real Photoshop skills and measurable Excel research.
  12. Ability to develop new areas of engagement in social media, advertising and correspondence.
  13. Organize studio events, coordination and SM/web content events with your support.

Extra Information

Clinical and dental protection which is sponsored and paid for by delegation and ward

Programs offered: Pay Life, Unplanned Death and Transfer, Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability.

Adapted plans to complete the task

As required by EEO regulations, all your data is kept private.

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