Canada eTA application Process Online Electronic Travel Authorization

Canada eTA application Process Online Electronic Travel Authorization. Canada visa is a dream for every person because Canada has better living, better medical, better education, easy citizenship, safety of life of every person and also many facilities which can not be imagined in other countries.

Considering all aspects, a statistic says that the amount of opportunities that Canada has provided since 2016 is very impressive, so people from different countries are more inclined towards Canada, some come for education, some for work, some are living permanently in Canada with other visas.

Considering all aspects of immigration and for the sake of security, the Canadian government has launched the eTA service for new immigrants, which is called Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). In today’s blog we will discuss what is eTA and how to apply for eTA

What is an electronic travel authorization eTA?

eTA stands for electronic travel authorization, which is required when foreign nationals enter Canada by air. eTA is an electronic system that is electronically linked to a traveler’s passport and an eTA is valid until the traveler makes a new passport i.e. as long as you use the passport containing the eTA.

Once you get an eTA you can travel to Canada without an eTA for as long as you want where you can stay 6 mash per trip if you take a short time visa i.e. a tourist visa.

Many of us feel that if the eTA application is successful then Canada can be expected. People who do this kind of cheetah are making a mistake because the eTA is for those who have received a visa in any visa category in Canada and are preparing to travel to Canada. When you land at the airport, a border services officer will ask to see your passport and you can enter Canada only if you satisfy the border services officer with all your documents.

Who needs eTA?

eTA is not applicable to everyone, only those entering Canada by air must show the eTA papers to the border officer and exit the immigration. But those entering by car, train or road are not required to do eTA.

How much does it cost to eTA Canada?

Getting an eTA to enter Canada doesn’t cost a lot of money, it’s ridiculously expensive. You can get an eTA to enter Canada for just $7.

How long is eTA valid for?

eTA has no fixed validity but an eTA will remain valid for as long as your passport is valid. If for any reason you change your passport or renew your passport, you will need to apply for a new eTA or get a new eTA.

Canada eTA application Process Online

Applying for Canada eTA is a very easy process because you can apply for Canada eTA at home and get the eTA stamp in hand.

To apply online for eTA, you need to go to and then search for apply for eTA and you will find your eTA online application portal. Where it will be mentioned that Apply for Electronic travel authorization (eTA). There you will get your eTA certificate in 1 minute if you apply according to their guidelines.

What are the steps of eTA process?

The eTA process is very easy as Canada has made the eTA application process completely online based to make the process easier for travelers. So those of you who want to apply for Canada eTA can apply for Canada eTA online at home.

How long does eTA take to get approved?

If you have been following my complete blog then you must already know that Canada eTA application process is very easy and you will get the eTA paper within 1 minute of applying.

eTA check status tool

If you have applied for Canada eTA then make sure to check your eTA status online before traveling because if eTA is missed for any reason then you will have to go through a lot of trouble at Canada immigration. To check eTA online, go to or access the site directly from here. Visit the Canada Immigration site and follow the process below:

1. If you applied online
2. If you applied for an eTA
3. Check your eTA status online

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