Brand Marketing Specialist At Lenus eHealth

As the brand marketing specialist of Lenus eHealth, Lenus is a rapidly expanding B2B2C business providing smart programming systems and business growth to the most sought-after wellness consultants and other wellness professionals worldwide.

Due to our rapidly expanding revenue stream and double-digit month-over-month growth rate, we are now seeking a Social Media Professional to assist our Consultants and Key Account Managers with effective advertising strategies.

Join as an expert and participate in their growth in the UK, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and NYC and LA, where we recently shipped their items!

Huh, that sounds exciting! Learn more about what it actually entails below and join their team in NYC as the ultimate brand marketing experts.

Brand Marketing System of Lenus eHealth

Lenus eHealth collaborates with experts in various fields related to fitness and wellness. Regardless of the target market, using social media channels is a common strategy to attract customers. Lenus’s arrival site and lead generation are pumped through social media channels dedicated to lead age.

By using platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where both organic and paid content is developed, created, monitored and evaluated by the showcasing group, a significant amount of client leads are generated. Convert leads generated by our consultants or our inside sales office into customers.

Brand Marketing Specialist At Lenus eHealth

They are looking for a creative, organized, and talented individual with a solid understanding of social media marketing. You have detailed knowledge and the ability to apply sophisticated logic and data while organizing effective display efforts.

In addition, you have insider knowledge and outsider knowledge to identify, and you can guide the consultant on the most effective way to develop a trusted brand and stand out from competitors.


Also, you should be aware of current events and trends on social media and your ability to hold their attention. This enables you to reach a larger audience and provide quality leads. As a brand marketing specialist you should have knowledge of brand development and lead generation from organic internet media content.

SoMe will most effectively receive praise from others for successfully completing your efforts rather than being satisfied.

In their NYC office, you will support the US market as a lead brand marketing professional and still have the potential to advance your team. The performance marketing team will collaborate with you and be present at the same time.

Finally, you may be motivated by a modest lifestyle or interested in fitness or other forms of exercise.


  1. Create guidelines for successful social media campaigns that are tailored to our clients’ needs.
  2. Maintain a high level advance information plan about the proposed procedures inside the virtual game.
  3. Thoroughly review promotion strategies and aggressively consider upgrades
  4. Inform key account managers about social media promotion strategies and trends.
  5. Collaborate with the showcasing team to ensure sponsored ad drives align with natural social media systems.


Get a comparative view of social media and top-down knowledge about reliable brands and record-making on Instagram.

Social media channels have increased detection, understanding and advertising value.

Deeply creative and well-developed crusades with the ability to identify key interest groups that attract, educate and lead people.

Excellent interactive features that are free. Although web-based entertainment groups collaborate, some projects are managed exclusively, so you have to be better in this situation.

Ability to maintain organization and function in a fast-paced, highly multicultural environment.

A native English speaker may be required to apply. As you will be expected to write items for both internal and external use, your excellent writing skills are particularly noteworthy.

Basic communication skills using Canva or Adobe packages.

You become a novel group piece

You will notice that we are both aggressive and considerate in that we both possess a drive to help our clients appear through a clear combination of respect, expertise and cutting-edge methods.

Lenus is a successful, well-funded, and fast-expanding young SaaS B2B2C business supporting dietitians, fitness trainers, and especially persuasive brands. We support our colleagues in client monitoring and focus on the most popular methods for putting together diet and fitness regimens.

Having helped our previous clients lose 300,000 kg with the help of our partners, we have the opportunity to accompany you on this extraordinary adventure.

At Lenus, we care about your security, privacy and data.

Our expertise is balancing a large enrollment and opportunities for all our job seekers.

Please see our Security Policy for more details on how Lenus will handle your personal data and information across any enrollment contacts.

For EU candidates, clearly defined

Lenus will classify all personal information collected during the enrollment process and use it as best as possible in accordance with current data protection laws. Article 6(1)(b) of the GDPR governs how we handle the information you provide during enrollment exchanges.

For candidates in California

Any personal information collected during enrollment will be treated with utmost confidentiality by Lenus eHealth in accordance with current data protection laws.

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