Bookkeeper / Office Assistant Jobs At Klen Space

Klen Space has a new job opening for a Bookkeeper/Office Assistant. Archives help associations and vendors in any field, plan, exchange, record, message and manage tasks. They are required to complete and oversee office matters including Accounts Receivable, Creditors Liability, Job Expenses, Guaranteed Finance Progress Charging and AIA in a rapidly expanding youth organization/organization for an overseas clerk.

A cleaning company called Klen Space may have customers in the local government and commercial sectors. This requires a serious level of enterprise-specific compatibility with different billing and invoicing methods. Although we cooperate with government agencies and employ farm workers, our organization is considered resourceful and well-known.

Standard time zone (New York) and in an ideal world would have the option to do 20-25 hours of programming per week (however, for the right applicant, we can occasionally assign difficult work) – this often clearly hires.

Klen Space Work subtleties

$28 – $36 hour

Work Type


  1. Job responsibilities are selected from a comprehensive list.
  2. Organize your time.
  3. Detailed description verbatim
  4. Remote Part Time Office Assistant/Bookkeeper

Essential: Bookkeeper/Office Helper

The following are typical Klen Space office and board fees:


  1. Verify and correct any incorrect charge information.
  2. Creates well-organized invoices, requisitions, statements, and other important charging archives, which may be required to determine limitations, supplier costs, and product costs.
  3. A record amount owed for goods or benefits received.
  4. Performs general accounting duties such as data entry and costing tasks such as keeping track of requisitions, reports and records to support payment for purchased goods and services.
  5. Whether it’s a G7202 installment application, a confirmed finance report, or hourly billing, you’ll need to create supporting documents for archival charges for each justified undertaking.
  6. Communicate with clients and subcontractors to verify and update account data as needed.
  7. With W-9s and COIs, established projects, contracts, vendors and organizations
  8. Show any difference between receipt account and log.
  9. Launch and design new organizational and charging solutions for remote offices
  10. Ensures security, ongoing operations, and business recovery
  11. Email, report, and schedule administration
  12. Other duties relevant as assigned.

The creditor’s responsibility to monitor open bills and requests is in the best interest of the institution. These invoices may be for utility payments, stock solicitations, representative business accounts and debt repayments, including ancillary duties such as:

  1. Update and keep expense records.
  2. Before sending the installment, verifies the correctness of the request
  3. Adapted to requirements from vendors
  4. Ensuring every payment is made as per organization strategy
  5. It is in the best interest of the Payment Discrimination and Dispute Resolution Organization to ensure that each payment is sent on time
  6. Verification of work hours, pay weeks and pay hits for each employee is included in the confirmed week-to-week financial statements for each business.
  7. Always submit a single PDF file of these certified finance sheets, a cover sheet and a receipt to the appropriate government authority.

Payments relate to the management of short-term payments for company benefits, including the following projects:

  1. Prepare and distribute customer requests with necessary supporting materials, often including financial assurance reports.
  2. Crediting the payment to the client’s account
  3. Coordinate and distribute store receipts as requested
  4. Preparing reports on criminal history and client payment history
  5. Collection of money and distribution of goods
  6. Segregate financial information to ensure accuracy

Required Skills/Abilities:

  1. Excellent command of managerial and administrative procedures.
  2. Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  3. Great timing and sequencing skills.
  4. Very attentive to details
  5. Ability to try and ensure financial reporting.
  6. They take responsibility and they show ability as problem solvers.
  7. Able to use Microsoft Office software suite or equivalent program.
  8. AIA can handle profession charges and documentation.

Training and Skills

  1. Secondary school diploma or equivalent required.
  2. Desired educational background is an associate degree or professional training in bookkeeping, finance or finance bookkeeping.
  3. Practical requirements
  4. Sit and use PC during the day in a quiet place.


English (required)


Wages (between $28 and $36 per hour) look questionable for engagement and confirmation.

Work hour

20 to 25 hours per week (unless doing a part-time course)

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