Bookkeeper / Office Assistant Jobs At Klen Space

Bookkeeper / Office Assistant At Klen Space, We are a rapidly developing youthful organization that needs an overseas clerk/office colleague to complete and oversee office matters including organization, accounts receivables, creditor liabilities, work costing, ensured finance reports obligations, AIA progress charging, archive association, and in any case assist with managing the sellers, plan, exchanges, records, messages and tasks.

Klēn Space may be a cleaning business with government and business clients along the geographical area. this needs severe consistence with different charging and invoicing approaches for every venture. In spite of the actual fact that we work with the general public authority and utilize field laborers, we highly esteem being a resourceful and well informed organization.

Should have the choice to take at standard time Zone (New York) and during a perfect world 20-25 hours each week through time following programming (in spite of the actual fact that, for the proper candidate we’d engage an occasional pressure job). this is often obviously fire recruit.

Klēn Space Work subtleties

$28 – $36 hour

Work Type


  1. Pulled from the complete set of working responsibilities
  2. Taken care of your time
  3. Full verbal description
  4. Remote Part-time Bookkeeper/Office Assistant

Bookkeeper / Office Assistant Essential obligations

General office and charging the board includes the accompanying errands at Klēn Space:

  1. Checks precision of charging information, adjusting any mistakes.
  2. Makes organized articulations, bills, solicitations, and other vital charging archives, which could require computation of credit terms, delivering charges, limits, and expenses of products.
  3. Records sums due for things bought or benefits delivered.
  4. Performs general accounting work on a task costing premise which could incorporate entering information and maintaining with records, solicitations, and supporting reports of sums due for things bought or benefits delivered.
  5. Makes supporting documentation for charging archives for every reasonably undertaking, whether or not it’s G7202 installment applications, confirmed finance reports, or hourly charging.
  6. Contacts clients and subcontractors to urge, check, and update account data when essential.
  7. Contract/project/seller founded and organization, which including W-9s and COIs
  8. Feature any inconsistencies among logs and receipt accounts.
  9. Start and lay out new systems for distant office organization and charging assignments
  10. Guarantees protection and company consistence and reestablishments
  11. Email, report and timetable administration
  12. Performs other related obligations, as alloted.

Creditor liabilities is tied in with overseeing active bills and solicitations within the interest of the organization. These bills could incorporate utility installments, stock solicitations, representative business ledgers and repayments, which include the accompanying errands:

  1. Refreshing and maintaining with records of consumptions
  2. Confirming exactness of solicitations before conveying installments
  3. Answering seller solicitations
  4. Guaranteeing that each one installments are made as per organization strategy
  5. Guaranteeing that every one installments are sent on schedule
  6. Settling installment disparities and debates within the interest of the organization
  7. Finish up the week after week guaranteed finance sheet for each worker for every undertaking with the hours and procure the given week and incorporate verification of pay hits.
  8. Present these confirmed finance sheets to the general public authority consistently as a solitary PDF with a coversheet and receipt.

Money due is tied in with overseeing approaching installments for the advantage of the organization, which include the accompanying undertakings:

  1. Getting ready and messaging solicitations to clients, with supporting documentation, which every so often incorporates guaranteed finance reports.
  2. Presenting installments on client accounts
  3. Coordinating and it are paid to document store receipts as solicitations
  4. Getting ready reports on delinquent records and client installment profiles
  5. Accommodating money receipts and stores
  6. Dissecting monetary records for exactness

Required Skills/Abilities:

  1. Great comprehension of administrative and managerial strategies.
  2. Superb composed and verbal relational abilities.
  3. Superb hierarchical and time usage abilities.
  4. Superb mindful of detail
  5. Capacity to try to to guaranteed finance reports.
  6. Proactive and capacity to tackle issues as they emerge.
  7. Capable in Microsoft Office Suite or comparative programming.
  8. Capable in AIA documentation and occupation costing

Instruction and Experience:

  1. Secondary school recognition or identical required.

Partners degree or professional school preparing liked in bookkeeping, money or finance bookkeeping.
Actual Requirements:

  1. Drawn out periods sitting at a piece area and managing a PC.


English (required)


Pay is debatable seeable of involvement and confirmations (for example $28 – $36/hr)


20-25 hours per week (except if a parttime course of action was made)

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