Assistant Digital Strategist (FAM), M. At Booth, we are a culture-first communications office that brings together the best talent, and by extension, the best companies, in a sophisticated environment bursting with courage, consideration, respect and humanity. We are passionate about our clients and their businesses, whether that means staying at the forefront of technological and social advancements, developing our ability to describe the data we collect, or uncovering information that changes the game and inspires a successful campaign in the commercial center.

We are a mixed-race working-class family who believes that the most important things are motivation, importance and administration – not where you work. We encourage every one of our employees to “Be IRL” because our relationships and connections to inspired relevant leaders are more important than ever to the success of our communities.

They unite a culture that inspires us all to strive for unity and accomplish remarkable things. We cordially invite you to explore our world of innovation, thinking and communication. Visit the M booth and get inspired.

M booth

They are a cooperative, mid-sized company with room for an Assistant Digital Strategist to support the growth of our F*AM (Food, Fitness & More)* division.


  1. 1-2 years of experience working with friendly/digital media in an internal or corporate environment.
  2. Experience in impact partnerships, including specifics such as force identification, planning, contracting, brief drafting, calculations using force boards, content evaluation and tracking progress in light of site data.
  3. One or more external networks or major providers.
  4. Good information focuses on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and LinkedIn and how to incorporate them into client programming. Familiarity with at least one naturally occurring writing computer software is required.
  5. Salary must be provided for educational interests. Keep up with market changes and regularly deliver fresh, proactive ideas to teams and clients.
  6. Strong writing skills (social media one or more writings).
  7. Strong scientific skills and data interpretation and follow-up abilities. Exploring the “why” underlying data and program outcomes with an open mind.
  8. The board oversees one or more distributions and placements for a brand.
  9. Experience developing and managing virtual entertainment strategies, including social media composition and content planning at the brand and mission level.
  10. One or more client board experience.
  11. Really good with timing and board activities (words with permission).
  12. That system has a troubleshooter.
  13. Driven by nature, takes leadership and completes tasks.
  14. Able to maintain focus and work in a very busy environment.

What the Assistant Digital Strategist (FAM) brings

Here are some features of M Booth:

  1. A workplace full of mental toughness, consideration, respect and compassion
  2. Projects aimed at improving your skills and advancing your career
  3. Family-wide medical and health programs that are comprehensive
  4. A multipurpose spending account and a 401(k) savings account
  5. Unlimited paid time off including personal, sick and holiday days as well as summer Fridays
  6. Other amenities include family outings, fitness initiatives and traveler amenities.


Offsite or in New York office, They accept applicants from the following states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington, DC , assuming you only want to work remotely.

Work Type: Full-time

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