Assistant, Digital Marketing Operations New York, NY

Opportunity to work as Assistant in Digital Marketing Operations at Warner Music Company in New York, NY. Known worldwide as a music producer and technology pioneer, the company is made up of business success and creative and energetic colleagues. Here, we understand that every success encourages them to be bold and progress in their work. They are mainly governed by four central rules which govern all their contractual activities with various companies.

Job Description at Warner Music Group

Music Is Everything: Music is Warner Music Group’s passion, and they are passionate about creating new music. The company’s reputation for creating music using creative concepts, patterns and technological changes is immense.

Globally their music, local expertise: Music is a global trending element where all countries of the world have adopted English as a second language and regularly listen and watch English movies, entertainment and music. This company continues its reputation worldwide with new music through their joint efforts, our prosperity and success can come from anywhere.

Development and Insight: The best information, and consequently a bold and imaginative brain needs to push the limits. To create what will be returned, they combine the two.

Driven by People: Their differences give them a strong sense of reality, much like the professionals they work with and the music they create. Here, each talent can overlap with a profession and have its own territory.

They focus on diversity, equity and inclusion: They are aware of the fact that it fosters a culture where one can truly own, contribute and grow a region. All age, race, religion, ethnicity, disability, veteran status and certain other trademark or character appeals are strengthened.

Consider a career at WMG and cross 2 universes: a unique group for world music that embodies an independent, adaptable character.

Post Name: Assistant, Digital Marketing Operations, Although you have another opportunity to choose digital marketing analysist position.

A tad about At Warner Music Group

Warner Music Group

Atlantic Records’ Digital Group is a full-fledged, advertising-group-like company dedicated to connecting artists’ careers through music and innovation. As artisan collaborators across our 360 connections, music, inspections, products and any remaining aspects of the artisan profession, we are in charge of all innovative systems and showcases for all professionals on the list.

Through creative advertising campaigns, we build diverse fan networks that change how consumers engage with, participate in and purchase music and related products. In addition to developing and implementing CRM/fan acquisition systems, we work on new, exciting growth phases and new initiatives. We also create, market, modify and upgrade content.

Assistant, Digital Marketing Operations Jobs

This job serves as a solid entry point and stepping stone for advanced promotion. You will have your hands in many different industries while pursuing this career combining innovation, advertising, work and creation. Because you’ll be assisting with several craft projects and overseeing a fast-moving, large, developing group, you’re ready to handle delicate and varied responsibilities. As Item Director, working closely with our internal creative planning, development and video groups, as well as technical leads, you will provide direct operational support for the Music Genre Computerized Advertising Group in all areas of music publishing. Helping experts achieve their goals.

The ideal candidate is musically talented and passionate about the everyday application of innovation. This person has the ability to use the Internet to research, search and discover new web-based music networks for the artist’s career and financial advancement, introducing each new application just to try.

They post about their daily lives on social media and are exposed to new music. They know how to update content to a user-friendly level and offer more in-depth music composition and recording that naturally blends in with “stray pieces” of other stuff. Due to favorable weather conditions, you can assist in computerized office advertising campaigns, providing you with expertise in various areas of cutting-edge industry.

Here you will get to:

  1. Digital ad groups are directly and effectively supported by every part of a music or video release.
  2. Organize internal teams and external designers and engineers to provide all materials required for
  3. Digital discharge. Join, Standard, Social Skins, Greeting Pages, CRM Effects, Artist Websites, Apps,
  4. Intelligent Games and Encounters
  5. Assist with marketing planning and content creation
  6. Monitor fan activity and fan club data at various stages.
  7. Assist in the creation of all computerized marketing materials for both internal and external groups (publications and social schedules, schedules and introductions).
  8. Support the innovation mission by helping to conceptualize, develop and implement Internet-based content optimized for each distribution organization or channel.
  9. Manage attractive web-based promotional forums for industry professionals, perfect target markets, and build a strong local presence.
  10. Differentiate between campaigns, provide live data and present week-by-week summaries and reports
  11. Assist with meetings and phone calls and work with computerized advertising group schedules.
  12. Attend and participate in all affiliate project-related meetings and give the group access to standard feedback and follow-up activities.

About you:

  1. Your degree is in marketing, communications, or a related field.
  2. We all know that you perform at your best when you make every moment count and find candidates
  3. who love the internet, innovation, social media and music.
  4. You are truly gifted with extraordinary abilities.
  5. You can multitask and progress to an expert level.
  6. You are able to control different deadlines and dangerous tasks.
  7. You have fine and amazing listening, decoding and delivery skills. You become somewhat aware of everything and approach everything with hospitality.
  8. You have creativity.
  9. You take the initiative.
  10. You are curious and learn more about a few things.

About Warner Music Group

Warner Music Group supports both local experts and foreign experts as it is home to Asylum, Atlantic, East West, Elektra, FFRR, Ramen, Nonesuch, Parlophone, Rhino, Roadrunner, Sir, Warner Records, Warner Classics and the world’s leading recording brands. With a database of over 1,000,000 copyrights worldwide, Farm Warner Chappell is dedicated to music artists and creators. Their consumer brands, pioneering the music industry for the 21st century, include UPROXX, Songkick, HipHopDX, and EMP. We’re part of the Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA), a massive global carrier of unpaid artists and names, and WMX, a cutting-edge administrative division that connects experts with fans and creates new, vibrant and engaging brands.

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